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New to Embroidery and want to find out more?

Here is quick guide to the terminology and types of embroidery available...

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric using a needle and thread using stitching. The most common place you will find it is probably on "patches" you may see, for example, on a scout's uniform or rockers denim jacket!.

We sell what is known as Counted-thread Embroidery. This uses a "grid" and a guide to product uniform patterns and images, making it easy to make beautiful designs even if you have no artistic experience. This is the opposite to free embroidery, in which the artist will typically sew without a guide.

There are two main types of Counted-thread Embroidery: Cross-stitch and Tapestry.

Tapestry or Needlepoint

Also known as Needlepoint, Tapestry Embroidery involves stitching threads through a stiff, open weave canvas, usually using simple stitching techniques.

Often the final image is printed onto the canvas itself, making it easy to follow (much like "painting by numbers").

The difficulty of the Tapestry is determined mainly by how many "holes" there are in the canvas (the thread-count).

The term "Tapestry" is actually quiet confusing. A "Tapestry" is actually a woven, finished loomed piece. These are often found in castles and do not use embroidery (rather it is a woven fabric). What's even more confusing, is that the most famous "tapestry", the Bayeux Tapestry, isn't a Tapestry at all; it is a free-embroidery!


Similar to Tapestry, but instead of a canvas, an even-woven fabric (such as linen) is used, and the pattern is printed separately on a chart or guide. The even stitching of the fabric makes it easy to create uniform stitches. The kits you find on this shop will usually use an easily countable fabric called Aida Cloth.

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